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Sweetheartz is a non-fungible valentine. Mint directly to your valentine’s wallet or to your own.
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Sweetheartz is a collection of 10,000 unique hearts with over 100 different Web3 slang messages on them. The digital version of the Valentine’s candy we all know and love come in 45 colors, 40 backgrounds and include 11 different accessories. They’re designed specifically for sending to that special someone. Mint directly to your Valentine’s Ethereum wallet. Or treat yo’ self and mint to your own wallet.
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  • 100 Web3 Messages
  • 45 Heart Colors
  • 25 Background Colors
  • 10 Accessories
Who is behind Sweetheartz?
We’re Jayme, Mike, Krishna, Antoni and Yaroslav, the team behind Launchcaster & Maindrop (YC W21). We’re interested in the intersection of NFTs and virtual gifts. That’s why we created Sweetheartz to be shared rather than collected.
What exactly is an NFT?
An NFT is a non-fungible token, which means that it’s one-of-a-kind digital asset stored on the blockchain (i.e. Ethereum). OpenSea has a great guide to NFTs here and Blake Robbins has a good explanation of how things come together in Web3.
How unique will each Sweetheartz be?
Each Sweetheartz is unique (1 of 1). They include different messages, heart colors, background colors/textures and accessories. There will be at most 10,000 different variations of Sweetheartz.
Where are the Sweetheartz images and metadata stored?
Sweetheartz images and metadata are stored on IPFS. We use NFT Storage, a free decentralized storage and bandwidth for NFTs on IPFS and Filecoin.
What wallets does Sweetheartz support?
We support Metamask and WalletConnect which supports the top 100 wallets ✊
What happens when I mint to my Valentine’s wallet?
The Sweetheartz NFT will be minted to the wallet address you provide. The wallet owner will be able to see it when they connect to OpenSea, Rainbow and other Ethereum wallets. ℹ️ Note - You should notify your valentine that you sent them an NFT since most wallets do not notify users of new NFTs or Airdrops.
Can I sell my Sweetheartz after I mint it or receive it from an Ex-lover?
It’s your NFT forever. You can sell it or re-gift it whenever you want.
What happens with royalties from secondary sales?
Sweetheartz do not have royalties on secondary sales. Only love ❤️
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